Our Portfolio

Take a look at the following before and after examples and you can easily see how crucially important it is not to have just some pretty slides.

While less text is always better, knowing what text to keep is key. Using data visualization for example,  we can help your audience retain more of what you are saying.


Proposal Deck


Before the deck was crowded and had no impact. It could not keep the audience focus and the message did not go through. There was no visual consistency.


 redesigned          proposal deck

Clear, simple, concise, with a distinct visual identity. With this deck our client won several contracts.



The message was good but unstructured, cluttered and with no hierarchy. Slides were too crowded and the entire deck was too long, not taking into consideration the target audience and the time limit allocated for the presentation.


work in progress

Our team is currently busy updating this section with brand new decks.